Weekend Competition

Tennis Valley offers members the chance to compete in both Saturday Afternoon and Sunday Morning competitions, either those run by the Northern Suburbs Tennis Association (NSTA, Mixed and Men’s) or the Sydney-wide Badge Comps. (Men’s and Ladies) run under the auspices of Tennis New South Wales.
There are short ‘Mini-Comps.’ in both Summer and Winter, with the longer (more prestigious) competitions held in Autumn and Spring. All grades are catered for. 
On Sundays, members can participate in Pairs Competitions (any gender).

NSTA Weekend Competitions

The Northern Suburbs Tennis Association (NSTA) organises several competitions each year for members of local clubs. Its major weekend competitions (Mixed and Pair’s) are run in Autumn (March to June) and Spring (September to December), while various Night Comps. take place year-round.

Shorter ‘Pairs’ Competitions are run at other times of the year (e.g. February and August). Tennis Valley provides a large percentage of the players and teams entering these competitions and has an excellent record of success across all grades.

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Badge Competition

The Sydney Metropolitan Badge competition is a Sydney-wide doubles competition played on Saturday afternoons. The main (Autumn) comp. is played from April to August each year with a modified version played in the Spring.

Many of the best non-touring players in Sydney are in the top Badge teams but all standards are catered for. Badge was originally a ‘grass court only’ competition and many matches are still played on a natural grass surface.

Tennis Valley enters many teams into the Autumn Badge Competition.

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